Courses Explained


The ROC Mountain Marathon is open to solo competitors and teams of two who may choose to enter one of the following courses.

  • Elite Course – Estimated winning time: 11 hours over two days
  • A Course – Estimated winning time: 10 hours over two days
  • B Course – Estimated winning time: 9 hours over two days
  • C Course – Estimated winning time: 9 hours over two days
  • Long Score Course: 7-hours Day 1, and 6-hours Day 2
  • Short Score Course: 6-hours Day 1, and 5-hours Day 2

All courses close at 20:00 on Saturday and 14:00 on Sunday. Any finishers after these times will be recorded as DNF.

Linear Courses

The Elite, A, B and C are linear courses where competitors must visit a certain number of checkpoints in the correct order. The linear courses have less route choice and require less decision making than the score format courses, because the checkpoints (and the order in which they must be visited) are defined by the organisers. Approximate length and height gains over two days would be:

  • Elite – 70km with 3,500m ascent
  • A – 60km with 2,800m ascent
  • B – 50km with 2,500m ascent
  • C – 40km with 2,000m ascent

Score Format Courses

The Long and Short Score Courses are ‘score format’ courses that enable competitors to visit any checkpoint, in any order, whilst gaining points for each checkpoint they visit. Points are deducted for arriving back at the finish late (see end of section). Strategy and route planning therefore are as important as fitness.


Competitors Class is automatically assigned based on their entry criteria such as age, gender and whether they are a parent/child team.

  • Open Male (Solo: 18-45. Pairs: Combined age <90)
  • Open Female (Solo: 18-45. Pairs: Combined age <90)
  • Open Mixed (Pairs Only: Combined age <90)
  • Male Vet (Solo: 45-55. Pairs: Combined age 90-110)
  • Female Vet (Solo: 45-55. Pairs: Combined age 90-110)
  • Mixed Vet (Pairs Only: Combined age 90-110)
  • Male Super Vet (Solo: >55. Pairs Combined age: >110)
  • Female Super Vet (Solo: >55. Pairs Combined age: >110)
  • Mixed Super Vet (Pairs Only: Combined age: >110)
  • Parent & Child (Pairs Only: See Notes Below)

Under 18s

Our minimum age requirement is 14 years old on the first day of the event for the Short Score. Less experienced 14 to 17 year olds are welcome to enter the short score when accompanied by a supervising parent/guardian aged 21 years or older.

Experienced Under 18s

We will accept entries from experienced 16-17 year old pairs  on the C Course, so that they can compete in the U18 British Mountain Championship. HOWEVER, a parent must accompany them to registration and sign the Parental Consent Form AND evidence of significant mountain running experience must be provided. Please email us to check. The minimum age is the age of the competitor on the day of the event.

Parent / Child Class

Parent / Child Class teams (only available to teams on the C and Short Score Course) must consist of parent/guardian (aged at least 21 years) running with their 14-17 year old charge. Our minimum age requirement is 14 years old on the first day of the event.

Time Penalties

There is a time limit each day for the score format courses, and these limits are automatically enforced by the digital SI timing system (you can’t argue with the computer!). Competitors who are late finishing will rapidly lose the points built up during the day! Lateness time penalties each day are as follows:

1-5 mins late = 1 point per min
6-15 mins late = 2 points per min
16-29 mins late = 5 points per min
over 30 mins = all points lost